Rep Jordan: Impeachment Is About Democrats Rejecting the Will of 63 Million Americans

On Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Rep. Jim Jordan argued that impeachment is really about how Democrats and the establishment have rejected the will of the American people who sent President Trump into town to “shake things up.”

“President Trump has the facts on his side,” Jordan said.

“This idea that there was a this for that, a quid for quo — a quid pro quo didn’t happen,” he continued.

“And yet they continue to say, oh, oh, but this is impeachable. This is not about that at all, Bret. This is — this is about they have never accepted the will of the American people, when 63 million Americans, in an Electoral College landslide, said, we’re going to send Donald Trump to Washington shake that town up.”

“And the establishment here, and particularly the Democrats, have never accepted that. And they’re going to do whatever it takes, Mueller report, FBI investigation, dossier, or now this, whatever it takes to try to get him out. That’s what this is really about.”