Report Exposes The Obama-era Operatives and Journalists Behind Covert Trump Propaganda

Former Obama-era operatives are creating a small group to emulate that of local news and it looks a lot like a Russian- style propaganda outfit. The former journalists and operatives are trying to manipulate left-wing voters before the 2020 election.

Former digital producer for Obama in 2011 has raised $25 million from elite liberals and is using the funds to create a political media company called Courier Newsroom. The news will be curated for swing voters and will push favorable left-wing news.

The news site is allegedly being created to battle the Right-wing “spin” on mainstream news and Facebook.

More from Biz Pac Review:

Courier Newsroom does not alert readers that the publication is actually a liberal project. The project’s primary mission is to craft content that can travel quickly throughout the social media ecosphere, according to a Bloomberg Businessweek report Monday. McGowan launched similar outlets earlier this year for similar purposes, the report notes.

She put together the Virginia Dogwood and Arizona’s Copper Courier, among others that are expected to roll out in Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin, all battleground states. The Dogwood publishes articles that appear to be local in an effort to help develop trust among readers in the area.

McGowan said the idea is to fill the areas where local news outlets are disappearing. She is also the proprietor of a nonprofit group called Acronym that will spend $75 million on digital ads to rebut what Democrats believe is President Donald Trump’s insurmountable edge in battleground states.