Warren Approval Ratings Plummet As ‘Medicare-For-All’ Plan Under Fire

Elizabeth Warren is losing momentum after her “Medicare-for-all” plan details were heavily criticized, and the latest national Democratic polls prove it.

On Tuesday, Quinnipiac University’s poll was revealed, showing that the Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s numbers have been slashed in half. Her original poll numbers were 28%, and have dropped down to 14%.

With the dramatic fall in numbers, this puts Warren in third place, behind corrupt former Vice President Joe Biden, and Pete Buttigieg.

More from Fox News:

Another national poll from CNN released Wednesday also shows Warren in third place with 14 percent support, behind Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. That poll reflects a 5-point drop for Warren from CNN’s October survey.

Warren has also seen a drop in support in polls from early voting states, like Iowa and New Hampshire, from October to November, as Buttigieg has risen.

Over the last month, Warren took heat from her center-left rivals and faced skepticism in the media over her “Medicare-for-all” funding plan after claiming the middle class wouldn’t be hit with a tax hike, and the wealthy would fund it.