Brazilian President: Leonardo DiCaprio Funded Amazon Fires

Leonardo DiCaprio is being accused of funding the organization that set the Amazon ablaze.

Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil took to Facebook to blame the Wolf Of Wall Street star for funding non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in which used his money to start the fire in the Amazon Rainforest.

On the following day after his Facebook Live video, reporters wanted him to elaborate on his claims.

Evidently, the Brazilian President goes live once a week with his nation, and on Thursday’s, he spoke about the Western NGO’s that were starting the fires in the Amazon. He continued to claim they were filming their actions and wanted to use it against the conservative president.

“An NGO pays 70,000 reais ($16,588.08) for a fabricated photo of fires. And what is easier? You play ‘fire’ in the bush, take a photo, film it, send it to an NGO, the NGO exposes it, gets in touch with Leonardo DiCaprio, and Leonardo DiCaprio donates $500,000 to this NGO,” Bolsonaro ranted during his Facebook Live. “Leonardo DiCaprio, you are collaborating with the burning of the Amazon.”

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On Friday morning, Bolsonaro doubled down on the accusation.

“Now Leonardo DiCaprio is a nice guy, right? Giving money to set fire to the Amazon,” he told reporters, later accusing them of mocking him for claiming that environmentalist groups were burning parts of the rainforest to accuse him of hurting the environment and ask for donations.

The Brazilian newspaper Estadao noted that police arrested four people in Pará state on Wednesday linked to environmentalist groups.

Those arrested reportedly belonged to local NGOs that claim to be fighting the fires. National law enforcement members have accused them of taking money from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to fight the fires, then burning more land to claim they need more funds to extinguish fires.