London Bridge Killer, Convicted Terrorist Released From Prison On TAG

Usman Khan, the convicted killer from the London Bridge terrorist attack was released from prison on an electronic tag and was supposed to be attending rehabilitation for prisoners when he committed another heinous crime killing two innocent people.

Khan was previously convicted and in prison for his part of the plotting to bomb the London Stock, pubs in Stoke, and was also planning to create a terrorist training camp in Pakistan back in 2012.

He was serving what officials would call an ‘indeterminate sentence for public safety (IPP). This means that if authorities deemed him too dangerous to release, he would remain imprisoned until they felt otherwise.

In 2013, Court of Appeal judges led by Lord Leveson removed his IPP and changed his sentence to just 16 years, with eligibility of release at only 8 years in, as this is the standard in the British criminal justice system.

More from Breitbart:

Mohammed Shahjahan and Nazam Hussain, who were convicted as part of the same radical Islamic terror cell as Khan, also had IPPs changed to fixed terms, while a fourth man, Mohibur Rahman, had his term reduced by six months.

IPPs were abolished by the Tories altogether and the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) ruled they were “arbitrary”.

It should be noted that the European Court of Human rights is technically not a European Union institution, like the separate European Court of Justice (ECJ), but past Lord Chancellors such as Lord Falconer believe EU member-states are effectively required to submit the ECtHR’s jurisdiction as a condition of membership.