JUST IN: Saudi Student Hosted Dinner Party Night Before Attack, Watched Mass Shooting Videos

On Friday morning, a man took open fire in a classroom on a naval air station in Florida.

The deadly attack left three innocent people dead. His name is Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, and investigators are working as quickly as possible to find out if this attack was motivated and stemmed by terrorism.

The Saudi Arabian native supposedly hosted a dinner party the night before where he shared and played videos of various mass shootings.

Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, was killed by law enforcement in Florida after he shot and killed 3 people on the Naval air station.

Alshamrani has been identified as a member of the Saudi Military, and he was taking a training program at the Air Station.

A United States official has confirmed with The Associated Press that federal investigators are knowledgeable of the disturbing dinner party he hosted the night before to watch and share videos of mass shootings.

The FBI has declined to name the suspect, or confirm his motive.

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It wasn’t immediately clear if the shooter acted alone but the U.S. official said authorities also told him that one Saudi student stood outside the building recording while the shooting took place.

10 Saudi students are being held at the base while several others remain unaccounted for, the official continued.

President Trump has remained in line with the FBI, declining to say if the attack was terror-related.

Florida U.S. Sen. Rick Scott, however, issued a scathing statement calling the shooting an act of terrorism “whether this individual was motivated by radical Islam or was simply mentally unstable.”