‘Solemn’ Pelosi Is All Smiles As She Hands Out Commemorative Impeachment Pens

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi previously described the impeachment process as something she did not want to go through and something she did not want to put the country through—but the process was something she said she felt like she had to do.

But, it is during this same “somber” and “solemn” process that Pelosi was handing out commemorative impeachment pens following the signing ceremony on Wednesday afternoon.

The House Speaker had her own signature on each of the pens, which she used to sign two impeachment articles to be delivered to the Senate. The pens were then given to senior-ranking Democratic members present at the ceremony, including House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

Conservative columnist Ashe Schow theorized Pelosi waited four weeks to formally sign and hand the impeachment articles over to the Senate because she was waiting for the pens to be delivered.

Republican Whip Steve Scalise tweeted: “So much for ‘somber’ and ‘solemn.'”

“House Dems are so excited about impeachment that they’re passing out commemorative pens and grinning for photos at a celebration ceremony,” he added. “Unbelievable.”

Take a look:

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel similarly said the pens were “just another example of how disgusting and partisan this impeachment charade has been.”

“So much for Pelosi’s supposed serious and somber impeachment process,” she added. “She was handing out pens like party favors at the signing ceremony.”

Here’s what some other people said about the pens: