Women Crush Dem Rep. For Saying Women Are Still Victims In Today’s Society

House Democrats are back to pushing the Equal Rights Act through the halls of Congress.

Speaking from the House floor, Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed women are perpetual victims in society and need constitutional assistance to be treated equally. She said women have been disregarded ever since the writing of the Constitution.

“At America’s founding, women were intentionally left out of the Constitution,” she said. “Today we still receive less pay for the same work and we receive violence and harassment just for being a woman. But the #ERA will prohibit all of that.”

Statistically, women are not being left out of society, but are leading it: in college acceptance and graduation rates, workplace participation, life expectancy, and many more categories.

Several people online remarked the ERA already incorporates many things that are already on the books and that the amendment would be little more than ceremonial.

Take a look at some of these responses, via Twitchy: