Dems Exploiting a National Crisis To Push for Abortion Funding, Mike Huckabee Says

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Among the COVID-19 outbreak, some congressional Democrats are sneakily trying to exploit the crisis for their own unpopular agendas, according to the Western Journal.

According to the Western Journal, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have criticized President Trump’s responses to the ever-changing crisis.

President Trump’s economic stimulus proposals were denied.

They are unveiling their proposals, and as the author, Mike Huckabee, of Western Journal wrote, “it’s obvious that they were just trying to inflame public concern so that they could rush through “emergency” legislation with little or no real scrutiny.”

Pelosi’s proposal would have allocated $1 billion without Hyde Amendment restrictions. She also tried to insert a provision that would have ignored the long standing bipartisan restrictions against allowing federal tax dollars to fund abortion clinics.

After unnecessary delays, they brought forth a bill with poison pills, most of them having no connection to the COVID-19 crisis, according to the Western Journal.

Mike Huckabee, also wrote, “Fortunately, Republicans realized what Pelosi was up to, and made sure that abortion clinics would not be able to profit off of coronavirus.

Now that the House has passed its version of the stimulus bill, it must go to the Senate before it can be kicked back to the House for technical corrections — creating yet another opportunity for Pelosi to exploit the legislation.”

Commentary and Opinion from Western Journal:

Of course, instead of calling out Pelosi’s transparent attempt to use pandemic panic to advance her radical pro-abortion agenda, the Trump-hating establishment media accused Republicans of being uncooperative.

But the President had immediately signed a bipartisan bill designating $8.3 billion for relief funding that included everything the Democrats wanted.

Similarly, when Schumer and other Senate Democrats started getting ready to ask President Trump to declare a national state of emergency to release over $40 billion from the Disaster Relief Fund to help state and local governments fighting the virus, they discovered that the president was already preparing to take that very step.

President Trump is right to distrust Pelosi and the Democrats.

They have been fearmongering over the “alarming” crisis all along, yet when it came time to back up their words with action, they showed that all they really want to do is play politics with American lives.

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President Trump is committed to getting a bipartisan coronavirus economic stimulus package in place so that Americans don’t have to deal with financial uncertainty as they try to keep themselves and their families healthy.

It is disgusting that the Democrats are letting their political agenda take priority over American lives.