Ratings For Trump’s Press Conferences Are Simply Staggering — As High As ‘The Bachelor,’ ‘Monday Night Football’

According to reports from the New York Post, Trump’s daily briefings held from the White House have skyrocketed in ratings.

The daily briefings on an average scale audience of about 8.5 million viewers on cable news.

These ratings are similar to the number of viewers who watched the season finale of “The Bachelor”.

President Trump has taken the lead in the task force’s daily disclosures and updates to the nation. On Monday during Trump’s briefing, viewership hit 12.2 million between across networks like Fox News, MSBC, and CNN.

Those ratings show similarity to the amount of viewers watching “Monday Night Football.”
More from New York Post:

Fox News has benefited from the briefings, with the cable network attracting 6.2 million viewers on Monday, numbers on par with popular prime-time shows.

The newspaper said millions more are watching on the traditional networks — ABC, CBS and NBC, as well as online — but they offer less reliable numbers than the cable stations because of the way Nielsen ratings are measured.

New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo has also grabbed the spotlight with his daily updates about the coronavirus in the Empire State, but comparison ratings numbers were not available.

Trump initially held the COVID-19 briefings from the Oval Office and in the Rose Garden but permanently moved them inside the White House on March 14.

Vice President Mike Pence, who heads up the White House task force, once began the briefings, but the president soon began making announcements at the outset and fielding questions from reporters.

While Cuomo typically holds his in late morning, Trump schedules his in the White House briefing room for around 5 p.m. and they routinely bleed into the 6 o’clock hour or later.