‘The View’ Accused of Ignoring Sexual Assault Allegations Against Biden Despite Championing Kavanaugh Accusers

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“The View” panel of hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Meghan McCain rarely hold back their thoughts and opinions.

Yet, not one of the four hosts has weighed in on the disturbing sexual allegations made against the presumed Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, according to Fox News.

“The View” is not alone. In fact, ABC, the network in which the day-time talk show airs, has not covered the allegations brought forward by Tara Reade, a former Biden staffer in the early 90s.

It has been nearly four weeks since Reade came forward.

The network’s chief political anchor George Stephanopoulos didn’t even bother to ask Biden about the allegations made against him during an interview on ABC’s Sunday show “This Week.”

“ABC News remains part of the embarrassing medley of news outlets that must still be wishing Americans either don’t find out about Reade or they forget about it amidst this global pandemic that it doesn’t become a mainstream campaign topic,” NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck told Fox News.

However, the program did dedicate a substantial amount of coverage of the sexual assault allegations made about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.

Goldberg, Behar, and Hostin, were outspoken in their defense of Kavanaugh’s prominent accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Joy Behar said those who were supporting Kavanaugh are “not protecting women” and deemed the Trump appointee “probably guilty.”

Sunny Hostin said that Dr.Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh were “very credible” and “extremely important.” She continued to say that Dr. Ford was “150 percent credible.”

“Testimony is evidence! You don’t need corroborating evidence. You don’t need a rape kit. You don’t need witnesses because oftentimes, guess what? There are no witnesses during rape! When you’re talking about evidence, testimonial evidence is the very best in the system!” Hostin exclaimed.

“As a former sex crimes prosecutor, I’ve prosecuted many cases with just a woman’s testimony because with sex crimes, there typically are no witnesses in the room. And I’ve convicted every single person based on a woman’s testimony,” Hostin said.

“This is where the men need to step up. The problem has been we have not, as women, we have not taught the men that they need to step up. So when we sort of say, ‘Oh no, that’s just male behavior,’ we’ve let this stuff go and now we’ve made a stand and said, ‘Look, this is not going to fly anymore,” Goldberg said.

When former Nevada Democratic lawmaker Lucy Flores accused Biden of inappropriate touching, she was met with scolds from Goldberg, “That pisses me off… I don’t want Joe to stop doing that,” Goldberg reacted to the idea of Biden no longer expressing affection towards women.

“I don’t either,” McCain agreed.

“Joe Biden is a good, decent man. He has never made me feel uncomfortable once. I’ve been around him a lot.”

“It’s a long way from smelling your hair to grabbing your hoo-ha. I mean, let’s tell the truth,” Behar said.

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“I think it would really be unfortunate if we got rid of everybody who is just an affectionate kind of person. Those are nice people too.”

The Hill media reporter Joe Concha ridiculed “The View” for “priding itself on being fearless and candid” while ignoring the Biden allegation.

“You’ll never find a more blatant example of bias in broad daylight than when comparing the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh getting unlimited airtime in 2018, with many in media deploying a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ mantra regarding the coverage and perspective provided,” Concha told Fox News.

“Biden in 2020, sadly predictably, gets a pass. No questions asked. Literally. It’s the most insidious bias of all: The bias of omission. And who gets hurt the most? The true victims of #MeToo, a movement hijacked by political operatives with no regard to the damage they’re causing in weaponizing it.”

“For ABC, shouldn’t the focus be on making news? Not just getting Democrats elected?” Elliott asked.

More from Fox News:

NewsBusters’ Houck pointed to the ABC daytime talk show has “the single most rank hypocrisy” when it comes to the weak coverage of Reade’s assault claim against Biden.

“‘The View’ represents perhaps the show with the single most rank hypocrisy when it comes to covering for Joe Biden regarding Tara Reade’s allegations but going all-in with ruining the reputation of Brett Kavanaugh, no matter the facts,” Houck said.

Even liberal firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., smells a double standard, saying the Reade allegations are “legitimate to talk about.”

“[I]f we want, if we, again, want to have integrity, you can’t say, you know — both believe women, support all of this, until it inconveniences you, until it inconveniences us,” she said in a conversation with the women’s organization The Wing.

ABC News did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.