Opinion: Actor Mark Wahlberg Accused Of Saying the N-Word, Delivers the Perfect Response to ‘Cancel Culture’

OPINION | This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

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“Lone Survivor” star Mark Wahlberg was recently attacked by the Left for his actions that occurred roughly 35 years ago when he was 15 years old.

Wahlberg responded to the murder of George Floyd by calling it “heartbreaking.” Wahlberg said, “We must all work together to fix this problem. I’m praying for all of us. God bless.”

This response didn’t sit well with liberals, who attacked the actor as a hypocrite who has allegedly used the N-word in a song while performing as “Marky Mark,” allegedly wore Blackface for Halloween, and he even had the audacity to tweet “All lives matter” in the past.

Wahlberg even spent 45 days in prison for one criminal incident that occurred in his youth.

In case you missed the recent update, saying “all lives matter” is now considered “the go-to response from racist individuals,” liberals have argued. Sacramento Kings play-by-play announcer Grant Napear was even fired for saying “all lives matter” after announcing for 32 years.

Following this criticism, Wahlberg and his representatives had the perfect response, according to The Daily Wire: They ignored it. They went “radio silent,” reports say.

Wahlberg has already apologized for these actions many years ago that occurred in his formative years. He addressed his actions and fully apologized for the young man he once was. He argues that he’s spent the last 30 years righting the wrong.

At a press conference for “Patriot’s Day,” Wahlberg reflected on the fact that he “came from in an area like this [in Boston] is not an easy thing to do.”

“I want to focus so much on giving back and make sure I can create opportunity for kids growing up in Dorchester, Roxbury, inner city average youth, and tell them that if I can accomplish what I set out to do through hard work and dedication, they can do the same,” Wahlberg said.

The Left is simply regurgitating his past. There haven’t been any other incidents since then. No follow-up stories. No co-stars sharing stories or leaking incidents on set.

Wahlberg and his representatives didn’t apologize or even address the issue in any way.

Liberals part of the “woke” mob are simply trying to tear down as many people as they can.

Why apologize again?

Other stars have taken a similar approach to the woke mob. Adam Carolla never apologizes, so the woke mob mostly lets him alone. Ricky Gervais has the same attitude, so the Cancel Culture attacks on him dry up quickly.

There is a catch to this approach, though. Cancel Culture has many allies, including cowardly corporations. If a few major film studios suddenly demanded Wahlberg re-apologize, it could complicate matters. The media tried to make Warner Bros. get out of the Harry Potter business, but it didn’t work.

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For now, Wahlberg is safe to make more movies and continue his philanthropic deeds.