House Minority Leader Savages Pelosi For Even Thinking About Travelling During Shutdown

You probably heard about how President Trump wiped the floor with Nancy Pelosi yet again on Thursday when he cancelled her foreign trip on military plane because of the shutdown.

If you haven’t read the letter check it out.

Spot on.

That also brings up a good question.

Why in the world was Pelosi traveling to luxurious hotels with taxpayer funded security across the globe during a shut down in the first place?

Rep. Kevin McCarthy wants to know.

From The Daily Caller:

House Minority Leader McCarthy responded to the decision by questioning why Pelosi was planning the trip in the first place.

“Why would she want to go overseas with government shut down, with people missing their paychecks? And if we don’t get this back open they could miss their paycheck again by next week, so I think it’s appropriate that we would get back together. It would not take long, and we could solve this problem,” McCarthy told reporters on Capitol Hill.

One reporter asked if McCarthy disagreed with Trump releasing the letter less than an hour before Pelosi was set to depart on the trip, but McCarthy stayed focused on Pelosi’s plans.

“I couldn’t imagine she would even think about going,” McCarthy replied. “I didn’t read what it is but I’m just shocked she’d even think that she would leave the country. Why would you leave the country with government shut down and you’re speaker of the House?”

He’s absolutely right.

Trump did the right thing here.