Israel Initiates Cyberattacks Leading To ‘Severe Damage’ And Destruction Of Iran’s Nuclear Facility

Israel took action launching a Cyberattack on Iran’s Nuclear program, according to The Daily Wire.

“In the early hours of Sunday morning, the underground Natanz facility suffered an electrical disruption in what was widely speculated to be an Israeli cyberattack.”

“The disruption at Natanz appears to have been designed to counter Iran’s efforts to raise pressure on the United States by amassing greater quantities of uranium and enriching it to higher levels as the two sides negotiate a return to the 2015 nuclear deal.”

Iranian officials hold the Cyberattack as an act of “nuclear terrorism.”

Amos Yadlin, the former Israel Defense Forces chief of Military Intelligence said, “But if somebody really hit all 6,000 centrifuges — old and new — that’s an extraordinary achievement

The Daily Wire reported that U.S. officials “expressed satisfaction with the damage to the facility.”

“Even the IAEA in their 2011 report, if people would read it, found things that were so alarming … there’s a virtual smoking gun that Iran already has the bomb,” Pry stated.

“The IAEA was reporting it found prior to 2003 that Iran was already manufacturing bridge wire detonators, neutron initiators, they had done an implosion test already, they had done 14 different designs correct for a nuclear warhead to see if they could fit the psychics package for a nuclear warhead into the reentry vehicle for the Shahab-3 high explosive warhead.”

“Because when we were doing things like that back in the Manhattan project days when we were working with 1930s and 1940s aero technology.”

“When the United States was doing implosion tests and building bridge wire detonators, and neutron initiators, we were within 3-6 months of getting the bomb.”

“It’s just implausible that Iran before 2003 was at that stage and then never crossed the finish line.”

From The Daily Wire:

In 2017, nuclear weapons expert Dr. Peter Vincent Pry told The Daily Wire that he believes that Iran already has nuclear weapons based on numerous indicators from the International Atomic Energy Agency’s reports:

Pry said it was blatantly obvious that Iran most likely already has nuclear weapons, saying that “anyone with half a brain” could see it.

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A piece published last month at National Review by Pry, former CIA director James Woolsey, and other top experts warned last month that American politicians are being “misled by the intelligence and defense communities,” which they say are “are grossly underestimating the nuclear threat from Iran.” The experts said that they believe Iran already has nuclear weapons.