London Police Officers Chased And Beaten After Anti-Lockdown Protest Turns Violent

According to Fox News, a protest turned became dangerous this week after a group of roughly 100 people gathered to publicly express their dissatisfaction with the continued lockdown in London.

It was reported that police officers fled the initial line of defense back to their cars while enduring punches and kicks from the mob that pursued them.

The protest remained peaceful during the day, but as the sun set the group became more unruly and approximately 100 police officers suited in riot gear were sent to Hyde Park to dispurse the crowd that was in violation of the COVID-19 lockdown orders.

Some protestors were reportedly shouting that they were ashamed of the police for upholding excessive laws while others carried signs claiming that the government’s handling of the pandemic is ruing the lives of their children.

One demonstrator was reported to have found a way to creatively express their criticism with a sign that read; “Yes sex is great, but have you ever been f***ed by the Government?”

The Metropolitan Police posted on Twitter that their “Officers will take law enforcement action when necessary.”

“Met officers are engaging with those gathering around Piccadilly and other areas of central London to protest, explaining that we remain in a public health crisis and urging people to disperse or go home,” demanded the authorities.

Although England has plans to allow outdoor gatherings of less than seven people later this week and have expressed the intention of allowing businesses to partially open in mid-April, there has been a growing resentment for the lockdown that started on December 20th of last year.

Last week, 60 members of the the British Parliament collectively wrote to the Home Secretary, Priti Patel expressing a concern for how the police responded during a vigil for a woman that was murdered by a police officer.

It “is not acceptable and is arguably not lawful,” for law enforcement officials to stop citizens from protesting peacefully wrote the legislators.

The Anti-lockdown protestors that clashed with the police this week were reportedly led by several members of the center-left leaning Labour Party.