‘Look At Things Like Ankle Monitors’: Democrat Presidential Candidate Said Immigrants Shouldn’t Be Detained

The Democratic primary election is already underway as several candidates have tossed their hats into the ring and have begun campaigning on ideas to separate them from one another.

While only a handful of Democratic candidates are currently running, it is being reported that as many as 45 potential candidates could launch a bid for their party’s nomination.

Democrat Julian Castro, former Housing and Urban Development secretary in the Obama administration, recently announced a run of his own and is looking to separate from the pack by weighing in on the ongoing immigration crisis.

How would he handle it? By going back to an Obama-era policy of forcing immigrants to wear ankle monitors, rather than physically detaining them, Castro said on CBS News’ “Face the Nation.”

Check it out, from the Daily Wire:

In a moment pointed out by the Washington Examiner and others, while talking with “Face the Nation” Sunday, Castro offered his take on how to address the illegal immigrant detainment issue that has been such a hot button topic since Trump took over (it was strangely not a big deal under Obama). Instead of detaining or even deporting illegal immigrants, he suggested, why not do what the Obama administration started to do near the end — slap on some ankle monitors and set them free?

“What I believe we could do and what the Obama administration did do, I believe, toward the end of its tenure, was to look at things like ankle monitors so that you’re able to monitor where people are in the country,” the former San Antonio mayor and son of a Mexican immigrant told “Face the Nation.”

A pilot program using ankle monitors for illegal immigrants was launched under Obama in 2016, but the Trump administration canceled it, maintaining that they’re too easily removed to be effective for those who are intent on living in the country illegally. The administration’s cancellation of the Obama-era program was roundly criticized by the press, including NBC News.

“The Family Case Management Program, launched as a pilot in early 2016, aimed to keep asylum seeking kin together, out of detention, and complying with immigration laws,” NBC reported in June 2018. “It was praised by immigration advocates for both its high rate of compliance and its ability to help migrants thrive in a new country — right up until the Trump administration shuttered it almost exactly a year ago.”

Castro wouldn’t answer specifics about the immigration crisis, because he does not believe there is one happening. The situation is a “tragedy, Castro admitted, but not a “crisis.”

The only “crisis” Castro would admit to is a “crisis of leadership.” During his announcement on Saturday where he said he was running for the Democratic nomination, Castro said: “Donald Trump has failed to uphold the values of our great nation.”

According to the Hill, Castro’s run was immediately criticized by Republican National Committee spokesperson Michael Ahrens.

“Julián Castro has made history by becoming one of the biggest lightweights to ever run for president,” Ahrens said. “He was a weak mayor who couldn’t even handle being HUD secretary. This is obviously just another desperate attempt to become someone else’s running mate.”


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