MIC DROP: Devin Nunes OWNS the Left, Shows How NY Times Piece Debunks Russia Claims

Ranking member of the House Intel Committee Devin Nunes (R-CA)) ripped a weekend report from the New York Times that the FBI had opened an investigation into President Donald Trump after he fired former FBI Director James Comey.

And he showed how it debunked the whole Russia story by showing there was no basis for any investigation.

From Free Beacon:

“This is yet more evidence that FBI leaders actually had no real evidence against the Trump team,” Nunes said in a statement obtained by the Washington Examiner.

“Instead, they were simply trying to undermine a president they didn’t like and avenge Comey’s firing. By relying on the Steele dossier—a fraudulent document funded by Democrats and based on Russia sources—FBI leaders were either complicit or too oblivious to notice they were being used in a disinformation operation by the Democratic Party and Russian operatives.”


Where was the investigation into the real collusion – the actions by the Democrats, the people the evidence has shown were paying to get information from Russians through cut-outs?

Of course, eight paragraphs into the New York Times story, they admit there has been nothing publicly found of any collusion or improper contact with Russia by Trump.

From The Federalist:

In a Friday night news dump, the New York Times revealed the FBI’s surprisingly flimsy justification for launching a retaliatory investigation into President Donald Trump, their chief adversary during their recent troubled era.

Admitting there is no actual evidence for their probe into whether Trump “worked for the Russians,” FBI officials instead cited their foreign policy differences with him, his lawful firing of bungling FBI Director James Comey, and alarm that he accurately revealed to the American public that he was told he wasn’t under investigation by the FBI, when they preferred to hide that fact.

The news was treated as a bombshell, and it was, but not for the reasons many thought. It wasn’t news that the FBI had launched the investigation. Just last month, CNN reported that top FBI officials opened an investigation into Trump after the lawful firing of Comey because Trump “needed to be reined in,” a shocking admission of abuse of power by our nation’s top law enforcement agency.

But why let facts get in the way?

Mr. Trump had caught the attention of F.B.I. counterintelligence agents when he called on Russia during a campaign news conference in July 2016 to hack into the emails of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Mr. Trump had refused to criticize Russia on the campaign trail, praising President Vladimir V. Putin. And investigators had watched with alarm as the Republican Party softened its convention platform on the Ukraine crisis in a way that seemed to benefit Russia.

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As the Federalist notes, these were all inaccurate stories:

First, Trump never called on Russia to hack Clinton, despite repeated media claims to the contrary. Clinton had already destroyed her server, along with 30,000 emails she claimed were about yoga, while she was under investigation for mishandling classified information. Trump was highlighting that tons of hackers could have already accessed her insecure server when it still existed and, if they had, those emails should be released so that Americans would know what foreign governments undoubtedly already did. It was a way to highlight her reckless handling of classified information and the global security concerns of that.

Second, having a foreign policy different from those who seek conflict with Russia is neither a problem nor any of the FBI’s business. In fact, it’s a big part of why the American people voted for Trump. The American people get to determine who sets foreign policy, and they do so through elections. The FBI does not get to set foreign policy by running criminal and counterintelligence investigations to punish those who step outside their preferred approach. They have no constitutional authority to do that.

Third, even if the Republican Party had changed its convention platform regarding Ukraine, which it had not, that is also neither a problem nor any of the FBI’s business. It’s shocking and scandalous that the FBI thinks it should criminalize foreign policy disputes.

Pretty troubling, especially given the FBI’s prior questionable actions using the dossier from the Democrats to try to go after the Trump team and not telling the FISA Court that it had been paid for by the DNC/Clinton campaign and that Steele had been hired by the Democrats to help challenge the 2016 election according to his testimony in the Buzzfeed case.

Rather than show a problem with Trump, it shows, more than ever, the political nature of their actions in their effort to get Trump.

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