Mostly White People Show Up To Buttigieg Event In Black Neighborhood

Pete Buttigieg’s problems drawing interest from African Americans followed him to Chicago for his latest event.

This past week, Buttigieg held a sold out event in the historically black neighborhood of Bronzeville in Chicago. In his speech, he acknowledged the lack of diversity in the room by encouraging his supporters to focus on meeting people that “don’t look like” the people around them.

Breitbart reported on the event.

One resident interviewed by the Tribune suggested Buttigieg get more black staff to help him out.

“This is a good, middle-class black neighborhood. I’m glad he’s here,” the resident said. “But he needs to get some brothers to help him out next time and get some more black support.”

Despite generating buzz among white liberals, media reports continue to note Buttigieg’s struggles earning support with black Democrats.

Buttigieg continues to reach out to black voters, attending a black church service on Sunday in South Carolina, speaking to the Black Church PAC forum, and eating fried chicken with Al Sharpton.

Buttigieg is aware of this issue, but his attempts to solve it have failed miserably. Earlier in his campaign, Buttigieg desperately pandered to a stereotype of African Americans by drinking a “forty” in a paper bag on the Desus & Mero Show, a late night talk show on Showtime.

Whether it is AOC changing her accent when speaking to a room of African Americans, or Buttiegieg drinking a forty, the Democrats focus on pandering to stereotypes and bribery, rather than enacting policies that keep people safe and limit government intervention in our lives.