Nancy Pelosi Gets Hit With Hard Facts From ’60 Minutes’ Interview On Why She Waited 8 Months For COVID-19 Relief — ‘You Held Out For Eight Months’

Lesley Stahl confronted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on a “60 Minutes” segment for stalling the latest COVID-19 relief package for 8 months, according to The Daily Caller.

Democrats delayed GOP efforts to negotiate a bill for months before settling on $900 trillion.

Stahl told Pelosi that she is “not known as a person who compromises.”

“No, I am,” Pelosi insisted. “I’ll compromise. We wanna get the job done. I’m not– I’m– mischaracterized by the Republicans that way. But that’s a tactic that they use. But we know we want results for the American people.”

“What about the COVID relief package?” Stahl asked. “That was held up for eight months.”

Pelosi blamed the delay on GOP “obstruction.”

“No, it wasn’t obstruction,” said Pelosi.

“You held out for eight months,” Stahl responded.

Pelosi claimed that bills offered by Republicans had “no respect for our heroes, our state and local health care workers, police and fire, our first responders, our sanitation, transportation, food workers, our teachers, our teachers, our teachers. They would not go down that path.”

“It wasn’t a mistake,” Pelosi asserted. “And I would not, and nobody expects me to, to support something that solidifies injustice in our country.”