Pelosi Doesn’t Want Trump To Give SOTU Address In The House, Rand Paul Has A Better Idea

Nancy Pelosi has been playing games with the State of the Union address hoping to score some political points. She made up a story about how security isn’t prepared to host him in the House because of the shut down and that was quickly proven to be totally false.

Clearly, Pelosi just doesn’t want Trump to wreck Democrats like he did in his Oval Office speech and she doesn’t want him to bring families of victims of illegal alien violence into the House and call Democrats out. She knows his speech will be effective. So, she’s blocking it.

If she continues to block the speech, Rand Paul has a better idea of what Trump could do.

Bring it on over to the Senate.

From Washington Examiner:

Sen. Rand Paul on Thursday suggested President Trump deliver his State of the Union address in the Senate chamber if Speaker Nancy Pelosi rescinds her invite for him to speak to Congress in the House.

“Senator McConnell is in charge of the Senate. If Mrs. Pelosi refuses to allow the president to deliver the State of the Union in the House, I propose we move it to the Senate and make it happen!” the Kentucky Republican tweeted.

There we go. The crowd is certainly less hostile. Sure, there are some unhinged Dems but not nearly as many as in the House.

Trump will figure out a way to get his message across. No one needs to worry about that.