Pelosi Slams DHS, Secret Service For Busting Her Lie About Trump Address: ‘I Don’t Care What They Said’

Looks like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s effort to stop President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address is backfiring on her.

First she wrote a letter to Trump basically saying she wasn’t going to hold the address in the chamber as per usual because of “security concerns” with the Secret Service and the DHS given the shutdown.

But then it turned out that she hadn’t contacted them at all, was just saying that. They said they hadn’t been contacted by her, were perfectly prepared and had been planning for it.

So basically, she wasn’t telling the truth and was giving a false reason for wanting to shutdown the SOTU.

On Wednesday night, a reporter asked her about it, saying that the Secret Service said they were already prepared for the State of the Union.

Pelosi’s response?

“I don’t care what they said.” She said she stood by her decision to delay the address until the government re-opens.

So first she blames it on the Secret Service/DHS and then when busted, says she doesn’t care what they say. That’s pretty bad.

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Why wouldn’t she want Trump to give the State of the Union while the shutdown is going on?

Because it would likely be a great way to pitch to the House and to the public all the reasons for border security and the wall.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise called Democrats’ security concerns nonsense, telling reporters on Wednesday, “There are no security concerns that have been raised and that has nothing to do with that. Ironically, it seems like she’s only concerned about security when it’s a State of the Union that will expose what this fight is all about.”

HT: Daily Caller