Voters Dump the Democrat Party in Huge Numbers As New Registrations Surge for Republicans

A major shake-up is happening in Pennsylvania as people are abandoning the Democrat Party and joining the GOP ahead of the upcoming 2022 midterms. Four times the number of former Democrats are registering as Republicans in battleground state, according to data coming out of the Pennsylvania State Department.

This is a new trend since Joe Biden took office. This indicates that a massive conversion of Democrats to the Republican Party is occurring in the state and possibly across the country.

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It appears that hard-working, middle-class Americans are not big fans of the Democrats’ policies leading to inflation, higher prices, higher taxes, and more regulations.

Speaking to Reuters, 48-year-old resident Beth Jones explained, “I just got fed up and just felt like there has to be a better way.” Jones is a retired Philadelphia police officer who registered as a Republican after three decades of affiliation with the Democratic Party.

Democrats still hold the majority in the state by over half a million registered voters. There are 3.4 million Republicans and four million registered Democrats in Pennsylvania.

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With a number of heated statewide elections on the horizon, everything is at stake for the political parties as a Senate race could give control of the chamber to the Republicans.

The Party affiliation switch is a very bad sign for Democrats and shows rising dissatisfaction with Biden and the Democratic progressive agenda. The conversion rate in Pennsylvania is the highest in the nation in the last ten years, Reuters reports.

Boots on the ground for Republicans are claiming that the economic concerns of residents are driving voters to switch parties. As things continue to worsen for families and workers, the GOP is capitalizing on it. They are signing voters up at gas stations where people reel in shock every time they fill their tanks. According to the Washington Examiner, it has become a “driving issue, if you will,” for many individuals.

“We’re at diners and gun shows, all sorts of different outdoor venues — wherever we can set up a table and people are congregating,” the GOP source noted. And it is working as the shock of rising prices at grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations as well as violent crime change the outlook of voters.

The switch back to the minority party in midterm elections is a common occurrence. Even so, Biden’s policies have alienated many generational Democrats in the Rust Belt which portends a political seismic shift occurring.

“The farther-left policies, the socialist ideas, some of the virtue-signaling, and the gender stuff all really doesn’t resonate with Pennsylvania,” a source told the Washington Examiner. “I think a lot of people are shedding their historical Kennedy or Roosevelt Democratic traditions just because the party has alienated them and they have more of a natural home now in the Republican Party.”