President Trump Disappointed In China’s Inability To Stop Fentanyl

President Trump announced on Twitter on Friday night that he is not satisfied with the progrss President Xi of China’s has made stopping fentanyl shipments into the U.S. and ordered all shipping companies to “SEARCH FOR AND REFUSE all shipments of Fentanyl from China.”

China and the U.S. are currently going back and forth in a trade war. The President clearly is tired of tolerating China’s dishonesty and ineffectiveness, and now no longer wants to cooperate with them.

Fox News reported on the reactions of some of the shipping companies.

UPS responded to the tweets, telling FOX Business it “follows all applicable laws and administrative orders of the governments in the countries where we do business.”

“We work closely with regulatory authorities to monitor for prohibited substances,” UPS said in a statement.

FedEx said it “already has extensive security measures in place to prevent the use of our networks for illegal purposes.”

“We follow the laws and regulations everywhere we do business and have a long history of close cooperation with authorities,” the company told FOX Business. “FedEx supported passage of the STOP Act and encourages accelerated implementation and enforcement of its provisions to protect the health and safety of the American people.”

As President Trump tries to cutoff the supply of Fentanyl, the demand within our borders for opioids continues to be strong, and shows no sign of declining. Between the border wall and shipments from China, maybe this will make an impact on what is available on the streets.