Reese Witherspoon Comes Unglued After Rittenhouse Is Set Free: ‘In What World Is This Safe… for Any of Us?’

Left-wing Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon suffered a meltdown on Twitter over the not-guilty verdict in the murder trial of 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse.

Witherspoon, who endorsed Joe Biden and called his inauguration “a tremendous moment in our nation’s history,” has been a vocal anti-gun activist.

Witherspoon smeared Rittenhouse with false allegations that are regularly repeated by the liberal media.

“No one should be able to purchase a semi-automatic weapon, cross state lines and kill 2 people, wound another and go free,” Witherspoon said.

This is a false statement and it’s being used to smear Rittenhouse.

As explained by Rittenhouse’s defense attorney, the teenager never purchased a semi-automatic weapon and he didn’t cross state lines with a weapon.

Rittenhouse even testified that he did not drive to Kenosha with a weapon. The rifle was purchased by 19-year-old Dominick David Black and it was not illegal for Rittenhouse to possess the weapon at the time.

The gun charge against Rittenhouse was dropped because it was simply legal for him to possess the weapon. The prosecution even admitted this point as they could present no evidence to defend the charge.

Witherspoon’s point about the gun is simply not relevant regarding his right to defend his life from rioters.

As it was clearly demonstrated in court by video footage as well as eye-witness testimony, criminals attacked Rittenhouse, attempted to steal his gun which he was legal to possess, hit him with a skateboad, and even pointed a pistol at him.

Witherspoon referred to Rittenhouse’s actions as “senseless gun violence in America,” despite the fact Rittenhouse was found not guilty on grounds of self-defense.

“There was no justice for their pain,” Witherspoon says about the criminals who died because they attacked Rittenhouse.

Witherspoon did not address the fact that one of the men who attacked Rittenhouse was a convicted criminal who sexually abused pre-teen boys.

The actress then promised to never vote for U.S. representatives and judges who support Rittenhouse.

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“This is a disgrace,” she added.

Witherspoon concluded by asking, In what world is this safe… for any of us?”

Witherspoon promised to never vote for U.S. representatives and judges who support Rittenhouse.

She added, “And to the families and friends who are grieving.. I’m holding you in my heart.”