South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Flattens Liberals: ‘This Isn’t About Equality Anymore. This Is A Radical Rewriting of Our History’ [Opinion]

OPINION | This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Breitbart reported on South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s dismissal of the claim that statues and monuments are being destroyed to promote “equality”.

Gov. Noem defended how President Trump has sought to preserve the monuments that are being destroyed by protesters across the nation. Washington, D.C. is heavily decorated with a variety of monuments built to honor Americans of many races and President Trump has pro-actively warned protestors that he encourages the criminal justice to punish those that arrested while defacing these statues.

“This isn’t about equality anymore. This is a radical rewriting of our history to take away our freedoms and liberties. It’s really trying to rewrite the foundation of this country.” Gov. Noem said during her speech on the 3rd of July.

“And so it’s alarming to me. I’m thankful that the president made the statement that he made in his speech about protecting Mount Rushmore and other monuments across the country.”, she continued.

Gov. Noem stated that it was important to recognize the complete individuals that the founder fathers were, instead of exaggerating their virtues or flaws. She stressed the importance of learning from them and using that to build a more desirable future.

“It’s incredibly important that we recognize that the founders, those in our past, are certainly not perfect individuals, but we can learn something from them,” she told those in attendance at the ceremony.

And encouraged those listening to “focus on the virtues they brought us as well.”

H/T Breitbart