The ‘Gun Sovereignty’ Bill Passed At The Last Second – Banning Police Officers From Enforcing Federal Gun Laws

Many states are making an attempt to pass sanctuary bills that protect our second amendment right, according to Bearing Arms.

The “Gun Sovereignty” bill was passed in Arkansas on Monday night.

House Bill 1957 would effectively ban law enforcement from enforcing federal gun laws that are in opposition to the right to bear arms as described in the U.S. Constitution.

Federal gun laws include requirement of registration, tracking, or banning possession of firearms.

Rep. Jeff Wardlaw said, “We went through Senate bill 298 and we tried to include all the language that was possible that did not interfere with the Game and Fish funding. It did not interfere with the cases that were being tried at the moment prior to January 1 and basically this is the sausage that came out of that factory.”

From Bearing Arms:

However, in presenting the bill to the House State Agencies and Governmental Affairs Committee, Rep. Jeff Wardlaw, R-Hermitage, said the exceptions and changes added in this bill address the issues Hutchinson and law enforcement officials brought up.

For what it’s worth, Wardlaw said that while Hutchinson considers the new bill extreme, he’s not going to veto it.

That’s a big win and yet another sanctuary state into the mix, regardless of whether they call the measure “gun sovereignty” or something else.

Unfortunately, that’s not likely to do much to stop Democrats in Congress from continuing to try and cram gun control down our throats. Their history with gun control is one of racism and failure, and yet they persist to try and pretend they have nothing but success.

Enter bills like this one, which tries to counter the legislative overreach and preserve the Second Amendment rights of their residents. You know, fulfilling the oath all lawmakers swear but that some in Washington seem intent on ignoring.

Regardless, this is good and I’m going to applaud Arkansas lawmakers for working so damn hard to make gun sovereignty happen this legislative session. That couldn’t have been easy. They could have just shrugged and said, “Oh well. We tried,” then went on with their lives, but they didn’t. They put the nose to the proverbial grindstone and got it done.

They deserve a round of applause for their efforts.