Think Progress Editor Has Perhaps Worst Take Ever On Woman Using Gun to Defend Herself

How much do some folks on the left hate guns and want to take them from you?

Think Progress editor Zack Ford’s tweets on the subject today show there may not be a bottom to what they would excuse.

It all surrounds the case of Laavion Goings, Jr.

From Hot Air:

Laavion Goings Jr. was out of jail only two months when the 19-year-old walked up to a bus stop about a block from his home, pulled out a gun and tried to rob a woman on the Far South Side.

But the woman had a gun too and fired first, hitting Goings in the chest, according to Chicago police. The teen ran back to his home and made it as far as a stairwell in the foyer of a building before collapsing in the 400 block of West 103rd Street.

That’s where officers found him shortly before 6 a.m. Tuesday, just minutes after the shooting. He died within an hour at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

The woman had a concealed carry permit, he pulled a gun on her, there was a struggle, she shot him in the neck and it was a clear case of self-defense.

Conservatives were very grateful that she was able to defend herself and potentially save her life.

Enter Ford:

Wait, what?

First, it wasn’t “theft,” it was robbery, with a gun, and she could have been killed had she not shot him.

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How far will he go? This far:

She should have let him rob her? Really and how would she know from his genteel manner that robbing was all he wanted? And how could anyone even think that way?

It’s because of her gun ownership that she’s alive. And that’s something worthy of praise.

Goings had a past criminal history including an arrest for drugs and battery of a police officer.

It’s never a good thing when someone is killed.

But it’s pretty hard to fault the woman’s actions in this case when she was fully justified.

And the folks in the neighborhood were fully supportive of the woman. They didn’t have any of Ford’s confusion about the situation.

They praised her defending herself.

Ford got racked in the ratio of all time and deleted his tweets and subsequently apologized while still saying essentially he didn’t think people should have guns.