Trudeau Receives Vulgar Goodbye From Canadian Residents (VIDEO)

Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received a nasty surprise while visiting the province of New Brunswick.

Walking out of Dalhousie Hall, protesters are seen on video shouting at Trudeau. “F*** you, you piece of s***!” one protester is heard saying in the video. “You c*******er!.. Get the f*** out of our town!” another person says.

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Trudeau seems to be heckled everywhere he goes. Videos and images also surfaced during Trudeau’s visit to the United Kingdom. He was there to meet with world leaders and hold press conferences.

However, angry protesters had other plans on their minds. They ruthlessly heckled Trudeau outside in London by chanting “f*** Trudeau.” One protestor was seen holding a sign that read “Puppet Trudeau.” Warning: The following videos below contain vulgar language that may not be appropriate for all readers:

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Trudeau has become widely known for his radical left-wing views. He hypocritically kneeled with BLM protesters while opposing the Freedom Truckers and overseeing police brutality against them.

The liberal prime minister has also been forcing his people to be injected with the coronavirus vaccine drug against their will or else face the dire consequences of losing their employment and means of living.

He even once suggested the Freedom Truckers who were protesting forced vaccinations are like domestic “terrorists.”

More on this story via Post Millennial:

Recent polling has shown that the prime minister is not very popular, even in his own country. Half of Canadians recently said that Trudeau was not up for the job.

A new poll from Maru Public Opinion finds that in response to the Freedom Convoy, “a majority (53%) of Canadians think the Prime Minister has looked weak in the face of threats to the country.”

“Just 16 percent of Canadians say they would vote for the prime minister based on how he has dealt with the situation, as opposed to the 63 percent who say they wouldn’t,” reported TNC.

“The last time I’ve seen numbers even close to this were in the final days of Brian Mulroney,” said Maru executive vice-president John Wright. “I think this could cost him (Trudeau) his job.”