Trump Has Made Up His Mind About 2024 Run

Trump was asked if he planned on running for president in 2024 on Sean Hannity’s show, according to The Western Journal.

“Let me ask the crowd,” Hannity stated.

“Of everybody here, would you like to see the president run again in 2024?”

The audience went crazy with applause.

“You’re not going to answer, but I have to ask,” Hannity stated.

“Where are you in the process? Or, let me ask you this, without giving the answer, what the answer is, have you made up your mind?”

Trump simply replied with a “Yes.”

“I think you got it right.”

“It’s not that I want to,” Trump later clarified. “The country needs it. We have to take care of this country. It isn’t fun, fighting constantly, fighting always.”

From The Western Journal:

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Raw Story captured the Fox News coverage change and posted it to YouTube.

Trump’s full remarks were streamed on several other platforms, including Abbott’s Facebook page.

Abbott posted a video Tuesday ahead of Trump’s visit to the nation’s southern border announcing a security briefing that would be streamed live on Facebook despite Trump’s ban from the platform.