Trump Makes HISTORIC Jobs Announcement: ‘Do You Think The Media Will Report On This?’

Will the media ever give credit to President Trump for the robust economy, booming jobs reports, and historic unemployment numbers? We won’t hold our breath.

Trump celebrated a new, historic 18-year low unemployment level among veterans and asked whether the media would report on any of his successes with the economy or in reducing unemployment?

“Just announced that Veterans unemployment has reached an 18 year low, really good news for our Vets and their families. Will soon be an all time low!” Trump said in the morning tweet.

“Do you think the media will report on this and all of the other great economic news?” the president tacked on at the end of the same tweet.

From the Hill:

Multiple news outlets reported that veterans’ unemployment dropped to 3.5 percent overall in 2018, the lowest figure since 2000. The rate was 3.8 percent for post-9/11 veterans, the lowest figure yet, according to The Military Times, citing Bureau of Labor Statistics figures.

The falling unemployment rates for veterans coincides with declining numbers for the rest of the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics survey captures veterans and others who work full-time and part-time, but does not take into account those who have given up on finding work.

The president regularly touts the state of the economy and his focus on veterans to frame his administration’s success, citing low unemployment numbers and reforms at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

In addition to the jobs report, Trump announced that car manufacturer Volkswagen will be spending $800 million in Chattanooga, Tennessee—what Trump called a “job well done” and a “big win.”

“Volkswagen will be spending 800 million dollars in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They will be making Electric Cars. Congratulations to Chattanooga and Tennessee on a job well done. A big win!” the president tweeted.

Check it out:

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And, via Politico:

The project is expected to bring 1,000 new jobs to the area, according to The Tennessean, amid a growing consciousness about auto emissions that has propelled the electric car market.

Trump has frequently focused on boosting the auto industry in the U.S. since he entered office, pushing for higher standards in a renegotiated NAFTA deal in an effort to boost domestic production of auto parts and threatening steep tariffs on countries like Germany over automotive imports.

The president has also talked about negotiating much lower Chinese tariffs on American car imports amid a larger trade war with China.

As part of his “America First” agenda, Trump has sought to return manufacturing jobs to the U.S. by pushing deregulation and protectionist trade policies, but also by making use of his platform. He frequently praises auto manufacturers for announcing new plants or investments within the U.S. and publicly lambastes manufacturers for shuttering plants or moving them out of the country.