Trump Reveals His Plan To Combat Homelessness and Mental Illness

Tucker Carlson hosted an exclusive interview with President Trump to discuss issues facing America.

The two covered social media companies and the battle against the President’s campaign, but landed on homelessness, mental illness, and sanctuary cities.

Fox News’ Nick Givas writes:

“During the interview, Trump told Carlson he is ‘looking at it very seriously’ and said some people forced to live on the streets are ‘living in hell.”It’s disgraceful. I’m going to maybe and I’m looking at it very seriously,’ Trump said. ‘We’re doing some other things that you probably noticed like some of the very important things that we’re doing now. But we’re looking at it very seriously because you can’t do that.’

‘You can’t have what’s happening — where police officers are getting sick just by walking the beat. I mean, they’re getting actually very sick, where people are getting sick, where the people living there living in hell, too.'”

Trump, oft accused of exaggerating, accurately described conditions that are incomprehensible in the modern era, with drug addiction and mental illness fueling the homeless population and filth they’re living in, and San Fransisco leaders even considering forced treatment.

History shows both of these factors can contribute to and be a result of homelessness, which is on the rise with over 500,000 living on the streets in 2017.

The President has been able to show results in Washington D.C., and his plan for the rest of the country hinges on conservative victory through the American people, not through government plans.

Veterans, children, elderly…anyone can impacted by homelessness, but as the President implied, it’s up to Americans to take care of Americans.