Tucker Carlson Criticizes ‘Black Lives Matter’: It’s A ‘Political Party… Has Nothing To Do With Black Lives’

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Tucker Carlson penned an Op-ed for Fox News, and in it, he noted that the Black Lives Matter movement has absolutely nothing to do with politics.

Carlson also scrutinized the mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, who has folded at the pressure from the angry and emotionally charged activists, and has decided to “defund the police.”

“This was a problem for Frey. Frey has greater political aspirations. And this was the last conversation he wanted to have. So, Frey did his best to change the subject with a mix of manic enthusiasm, and feigned empathy. Frey is well-practiced in those areas. Here he is a couple of years ago with his preferred brand of community outreach – dancing with his constituents.
It didn’t work — then or now. Activists wanted actual answers. So Mayor Frey tried step two in the process — groveling.”

Unidentified female: [Expletive]

Unidentified male: … Reelection next year. If he says no, that’s what [bleep] we’re going to do next.

Unidentified female: Yes or no, will you commit to defunding Minneapolis Police Department?

Frey: The abolition of it?

Unidentified female: What did I say? We don’t want no more police.

Frey: No more.

Unidentified female: Is that clear?

Frey: I do not support the full abolition of the police department.

Unidentified female: [Expletive]. You’re wasting our time. Get the [expletive] out of here.

Crowd (chanting): Go home, Jacob. Go home, Jacob. Go home. Go home, Jacob. Go home. Go home, Jacob. Go home.

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America went insane over the weekend. That’s barely an overstatement. People in their 80s who have lived in the U.S. all their lives said they’ve never seen anything like it. Ask an 80-year-old.
What a remarkable piece of tape that is. Has a big city mayor in this country ever been more thoroughly humiliated? “Get the F out of here,” she screams. “Go!”

Well, the correct answer to that, needless to say, is, “Up yours, lady. I’m not going anywhere. I run this city.” Do you doubt that the entire crowd would have cheered Jacob Frey if he had said that? People always admire resolve even when they disagree with the point of view. But that’s not what Jacob Frey did. Frey slunk away like a child caught doing something filthy.

The most telling moment, though, came just before that, when the woman in sunglasses threatened to defeat the mayor in the next election. What does that tell you? It tells you that Black Lives Matter is in fact a political party, maybe the strongest political party in the United States. Its members believe they can reshape this country and so far, they’re proving to be right.

You can always tell which political movements are ascendant, which are headed up, by how straightforward their members and sympathizers are about what they believe. Strong people say what they think out loud. They have no reason not to. They’re not embarrassed about their beliefs. They think they’re winning.