Watch: AG Nominee William Barr Comments On Whether Or Not We Need A Border Wall

On Tuesday, Bill Barr was on Capitol Hill answering questions from senators about being the next attorney general. He’s going to be confirmed. The Republicans have the votes. But, they still need to go through formalities and give everyone a chance to talk to him. Democrats aren’t using this time to actually ask Barr important questions. They are using this time to grand stand and demean Barr because all Democrats really do in the Senate these days is performance art.

There have been some interesting moments from the hearing.

Barr was asked at one point if he thinks we need a wall at the border and his answer should make rational thinking people very happy.

He’s on board and he said that to Joni Ernst.

From The Daily Wire:

How do you see the situation at our southern border contributing to the prevalence of controlled substance used here in the United States?” Ernst asked.

“Well, as Ben pointed out earlier, it is the major avenue by which drugs come into the country,” Barr responded. “Heroin, fentanyl, all the serious drugs are coming across that border.”

“And again, I feel it is a critical part of border security that we need to have barriers on the border, we need a barrier system on the border to get control over the border,” Barr continued. “I think that obviously there are some places that more of the traffic comes over than others but unless you have a system across the border you’re not going to be able to deal with it because you’ll just displace it.”

AG Sessions made a lot of mistakes during his tenure but he was definitely tough on immigration. Barr has big shoes to fill there. Let’s hope he does. It’s definitely a good sign that Barr supports Trump on the wall. You can’t say the same for a lot of Republicans in Congress.